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Explore Best Beaches in Brazil – Travel to Brazil, as I am for 10 years, it is to love until suffering for a country built on love and violence. It is fitting in the seven-league boots, pacing up and down a country with fantastic dimensions. It is to fly over a flying carpet, rolling or floating the enchanting fairy tale beauties and so different from these landscapes.

So, Brazil spreads out in a colossal gallery of postcards. Dust bowls that adjoin Brasilia, its young capital city born with a wild idea dipped in science fiction, in the staggering vastness of Amazon, via its thousand kilometers of heavenly beaches until the exuberance life of Pantanal; Brazil competes with the mythical Eden’s Garden, on the borders of Noah’s Ark that would have run aground.

Some land and some men


Best Beaches in Brazil – carte-bresilOn this heavenly territory, today the Brazilian population are 200 million men, women, and children; 200 million actors who continue an old scenario for 500 years. From Brazil’s discovery to the emblematic election of Lula, the scenario of Brazilian History borrows its codes from tragedy as much as from fairy tales, poor action movies as much as in love story and adventure.

This history of Brazil, linked to the excessive size of the country, is alive. It is registered in the Brazilian soul. So, Brazilian culture resounds in the unbelievable diversity of Brazilian music, directing Brazilian carnivals, in all possible ways, in the Brazilian cooking it is dedicated with pomposity to all the saints of Brazilian religions.

The country of Carnival

Best Beaches in Brazil

dance-samba-reineBrazil Carnival is nothing less than the biggest festival in the world! Brazil will provide all the keys you need to understand and live this magical event.

When in the evening before the Shrovetide, the mayor of Rio of Janeiro gives the keys of the city to King Momo, the sign of carnival festivities rang in the entire city. And it is the genie of Aladdin’s lamp that invites itself in all quarters of the city, reversing for a time the cruel game of social hierarchies.

Best Beaches in Brazil – Until Ash Wednesday, the beautiful mulatto of the favelas, real Cinderella of her state, was propelled as queen of the night. Empress with a smart eroticism, it is through their furious steps of samba that thrill the carioca society during long and appalling weeks.

brazil-carnival a while, it is the favela so wrongly disorganized which gives the world a dazzling show, with a big delicacy, where each step, each detail of a costume, each dissonance is thoroughly examined and estimated. The Rio carnival is actually a huge competition. One of the 40 main schools of Samba will leave with a cup, of victory. Some queens of the night will leave with a prince charming. And millions of tourists, in remembrance, a beautiful kaleidoscope, of music, love, and wishes.

Rio de Janeiro: The nicest synthesis of the Brazilian myth rio de janeiro

Best Beaches in Brazil – Rio de Janeiro-montage for Brazil Travel Beaches, Rio de Janeiro, the marvelous city is probably the most eloquent synthesis of the Brazilian myth. Nature is omnipresent there, imperious and totally inserted in the urban fabric. In 1949, French writer Albert Camus said:  One day nature will eat the fragile decoration raised, of which man tries to surround himself with. Termites are going to devour sky-scrapers, sooner or later, virgin creepers will block the others, and finally, the truth of Brazil will burst.

Copacabana beach, Sugarloaf, Ipanema beach, and Tijuca forest are the most famous event known by this barefaced nature. These wonders brighten up favorably evenings of Rio de Janeiro, give all its style to the Rio of Janeiro carnival and it’s probably worth the choice of Rio to welcome the World Youth Day 2013, the final of the FIFA World Cup 2014, and Rio Summer Olympics Games 2016.

The Brazilian society: a continuous step against misery


favela-Catalan but this mineral and vegetable effervescence is also much less amusing decoration of a whole imaginary country populated with orphans, without Peter Pan or Tinker Bell to guide them.

Best Beaches in Brazil – This huge pack of wandering children is totally left alone. The only magical powder, to which they have access, is crack-cocaine or glue sniffing. They do not fly off, they do not leave their lives of misery but for the moment these drugs (that they sometimes use before their 5 years) mislead hunger which is murdering them non-stop. We are never free when our stomach is forever empty and it is always through the same way of necessity that these street children come to enlarge the Captain Hook troops and his gangs of drugs, in an opened war against Brazilian authority

This violence is not only the fruit of a police clash, partly corrupted against drug traffickers. Urban violence increases and perpetuates that of the ground, that of the fazendeiros owners of huge agricultural domains and employing vigilante squad to murder Indians of Brazil, peasants without lands, and any person threatening their huge estates. will testify such of violence.

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