Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Washington, D.C

Best Attractions In Washington DC

The Best Attractions In Washington DC – Washington is much more than the country’s political capital. The establishment of the Smithsonian Institution in did one of the art centers most important in America. Its many museums and its splendid galleries will be able to allure the most curious. The White House, a privileged site, accommodates each year of the million visitors. Quite as popular, the National Air and Space Museum makes dream impassioned planes and spacecraft. Another characteristic specific to Washington: the number impressing of monuments and commemorative places. Immense Washington Monument, an homage to the first President, dominates the line of the roofs. The memorials dedicated to the soldiers who died in the combat are poignant. travel

Capitol Hil

Best Attractions In Washington DC – Sometime after the entry into force of the Constitution in 1788, the seat of the political power of the United States is established in Capitol Hill. This site was chosen, in 1791, among the ten arpents of ground yielded by the State of Maryland.

Pierre the Child decided to establish Capitole, centers new city, on a hill located at the east of this ground.

In a little more than two centuries, Capitol Hill became one of the most animated centers of modern America. The signs of intense cultural activity are omnipresent: federal buildings in the shopping centers, while passing by the shops, restaurants, or residential districts with the very varied population.

It is a district attended as well by influential personalities as by ordinary citizens come to present here requests at their deputies or, quite simply, to pose with them on the steps of Capitole.


Best Attractions In Washington DC – On the original levels that the Child had drawn for the capital of the United States, Mall was conceived like a grand boulevard bordered by diplomatic residences of Art schools style. Its plans never were entirely carried out, but it is a splendid spectacle which this great extent bordered on both sides by the museums of Smithsonian Institution, and finishing, at its Eastern end, by Capitole, and on the Western side, by Washington Monument.

Best Attractions In Washington DC

This spectacular provision of Mall was adopted only after the second world war. Hitherto, space had been used for various installations active of the zoo at the station of railroads, while passing by an underwood. The mall is in the heart of the history of the United States. Very many demonstrations left Washington Monument to go towards Capitole.

The pope said the mass there, Afro-American Marian Anderson sang there at the request of the first lady Eleanor Roosevelt and it is here that Martin Luther King made his famous speech I cut has a dream. Each year, July 4 (Day Independence), it is there that one commemorates the birth of the United States, a ceremony enclosed by splendid fireworks.

In the evenings of summer, the teams of federal employees play the softball on these lawns.

Old Downtown

Best Attractions In Washington DC – Delimited in the east by Capitole and the west by the White House, Old Downtown was a long time the heart of the city. F Street, the first paved street of the city, resembled a hive, with its shops, its Press Offices, its bars, its churches, and the constant procession of the attachments.

Downtown was also a residential district where the easy classes had elegant residences, while the tradesmen lived above their stores. But, since 1950, the suburbs attracted the inhabitants of the downtown areas with for consequences, in the years 1980, to make Downtown a forsaken district. Fortunately, the rehabilitation began in the years 1990 with, in particular, the establishment of the MCI Center and many stores and restaurants.

The White House and Foggy Bottom


The White House, residence official of the President of the United States and inhabited for the first time in 1800, is one of the most known monuments of Washington. Best Attractions In Washington DC The majority of the buildings are of time despite the fire which has occurred during the war of 1812 against the English. Not far, other buildings deserve a visit: Daughters of the American Revolution Building and Corcoran Gallery of Art. The district of Foggy Bottom, in the east, was built on marshes. Its most famous buildings are the Kennedy Center, the State Department, and Watergate, not the scandal’s test card, which implied Richard Nixon in 1970.


Best Attractions In Washington DC – Georgetown developed well before Washington. The Indians had camped there. In 1703, Ninian Beall accepted a field in concession which it called The Rock of Dumbarton. In the middle of the XVIIIe century, immigrants Scottish came to enlarge the rows of the population, and, in 1751, the city was renamed Georgetown. It quickly became a prosperous port thanks to the tobacco and the flour and was definitively made up in 1789.

The port and Chesapeake and Ohio Canal were built in 1828, while the houses started to be aligned along the streets. The railroad carries a heavy blow to the saving in Georgetown, which was declining in the middle of the XIXe century. However, the situation improved in the years 1950: the paved streets and the pretty houses attracting the young easy couples, well quickly the restaurants and the shops opened on Wisconsin Avenue and Mr. Street. Today, Georgetown cultivates its quiet difference and it is pleasant to stroll there.

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