Great Attractions in Mallorca that Might Interest You

Best Attractions in Mallorca – has as well as awesome landscapes. There are many great attractions in Mallorca, but we will share with you the major draws. The coastline stretches over 550 km, creating a very great natural landscape. It is one of the most popular places. However, the large number of tourists that come here during the peak season sometimes affects the comfort of the locals. Well, they have been well-prepared for the onslaught of visitors. They have been used to this situation.

salt in Malorica

You will have a great holiday here exploring the coastline. There are many things to do. This place is perfect for those who look for an unforgettable Mediterranean trip. You can compare it to other famous tourist destinations across Europe. There is one important fact about Mallorca, that this place has 3 different sections. They are the center, the east coast, and the west coast.

Each region is characterized by different things. For example, the west coast is where Serra De Tramuntana Mountain exists. Though the central region is awesome as it comes, many people prefer to spend their time along the coastline. If you come here, you can do that, doo. There are many great attractions in Mallorca, here are some of them:

Castell De Belver Best Attractions in Mallorca


This gothic piece of art is called Castell De Belver. The construction was done in the 14th century. It is easy to notice the castle even from a distance. It is still very clear when it is seen 3km from Palma De Mallorca. People who like learning about history will enjoy this place so much. Anyone can enter the building. You can take your kids here as well because they are naturally excited about new things. The views of the city are clear from the top of the building.

Parc Natural de Mondrago Best Attractions in Mallorca

Parc Natural de

Parc Natural de Mondrago is also one of the great attractions in Mallorca. It is well-suited for different kinds of people. Whether you are an active or a passive visitor, this place offers plenty of things to explore. It is located in Santanyi, Mondrago Natural Park. This is your typical natural park with a variety of bird species that can be seen if you’re lucky. After visiting this place, you can continue the trip to the fined-sand beaches located nearby.

Alcúdia Best Attractions in Mallorca

Alcúdia Best Attractions in Mallorca

Speaking of great attractions in Mallorca, this is also worth shouting about. It brags a wonderful sandy shoreline. It is very long, stretching over 14km. It will take you back to the 13th century. What an incredible experience to stay within a place that feels classic and old-fashioned. There are more always than avenues here, but that was part of its charm. There is a street market that you can visit on Tuesdays and Sundays. You can find plenty of different things in this market.

Le sue Best Attractions in Mallorca Mallorica

Best Attractions in Mallorca -It can be boring to visit the same kinds of places all the time. If you’re already tired of the beaches, you can head to Le Seu which is also widely known as an icon of the city. It is hard to not notice it especially if you travel around by bus. During your trip from the airport to the city center, you will pass by this place. Not just from the outside, take some time to get into the building and enjoy the unparalleled interior. There are many other great attractions in Mallorca.


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