Best Tourist Attractions In Louisiana that Locals Love

Most Beautiful Places in Louisiana – You can come to Louisiana at any time. If you want to arrange a Louisiana tour, please find a reputable travel agent. Proper planning will provide you with the best satisfaction. Check out the things to do in the state, the available modes of transport, famous places, and others. We want to share some of the best tourist attractions in Louisiana. It is always fun to take a trip to this state all year round. Whether it is winter or summer, the attractions are always open. However, it is best to start the tour by visiting the most popular points of interest.

Best Places to Visit in Louisiana

You can read articles or ask your travel agent about recommended places. There is a lot to prepare before leaving for the state, anyway. Aside from transportation, you need to book a hotel room. The primary benefit of purchasing a tour package is that you do not need to worry about these things. All you have to do is sit comfortably on your seat and enjoy the ride. Before telling you the best tourist attractions in Louisiana, let us share the different facets of the State. On the northern end, you can see a gorgeous prairie of farm country. On the southern end, there are alligators living in the swamp.

Abita Brewery Beautiful Places in Louisiana


 Beautiful Places in Louisiana – There are some interesting places here for wine connoisseurs. If you like beer, the Abita Brewery should make your priority list. It is not too far away from New Orleans. It is only 30 miles away, so it does not take too long before you learn how to make beer. For a non-drinker, this is probably a tiring journey. We only recommend this if you like sipping beer and loving this drink so much. There is also a brewpub where you will be served a variety of mouthwatering dishes and drinks.

Jean Lafitte National Historical Park

historical parks

The atmosphere feels a little different from other parks you have probably visited. It is a perfect place to witness New Orleans’s cultural mix. If you’re wondering about Cajun traditions, this is where you find it out as you can get the information from the people who actually live the traditions. There are also quite long trails where you can walkthrough. There are many other best tourist attractions in Louisiana.

Houmas House Plantation Beautiful Places in Louisiana

It has come a long way because it was originally a sugar plantation. It was built in the 1800s and now has transformed into such an attractive spot for seeing lush gardens and all kinds of greenery. There is more to spot around, like restaurants and a museum. It is a perfect blend of modern and vintage elements. The inside of the building looks kind of old-fashioned especially with the antiques that fill the space. If you want to have lunch in this area, you can do that, too. Just make sure you’ve made your own lunch before coming here.

Avery Island Beautiful Places in Louisiana

Avery Island

Visit Most Beautiful Places in Louisiana – In 2021 – When it comes to the best tourist attractions in Louisiana, Avery Island is worth shouting about. It is among the must-see attractions in the State, so do not miss it. Are you a fan of Tabasco sauce? Well, if want to know where it comes from, you’re heading to the factory, then. This is where the plant comes from.

Interestingly enough, every bottle of Tabasco sauce distributed everywhere starts here. Take a guided tour if you will. It is full of entertainment because there are a lot of new things to learn from this place. Visitors will be given some bottles each. That would be awesome to have lunch with this hot sauce. Those were some of the best tourist attractions in Louisiana.


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