Famous Sights In Puerto Rico Aside From The Beaches

Most Beautiful Destinations In Puerto Rico  – We will be talking about famous sights in Puerto Rico. If you have a plan to visit this place, here are some known facts you should know. There are awesome beaches everywhere, while the weather is humid and dry all year round. Those who have a deep interest in deep-sea fishing can do that here because there are a number of spots to do that. Snorkeling is also easy because you can find so many spots at those beaches. They are very pleasant with glittering white sands.

Beautiful Destinations In Puerto Rico

Also, please keep in mind that Puerto Rico is rich in culture, meaning there is a mix of so many different cultures, like European and African. Just like the neighboring areas, Puerto Rico also has a variety of wonderful landscapes. There is more to see than just misty rainforests. It is not to say that the rainforests are not good, but you can explore many other interesting landscapes, including reef-encrusted islands. Beaches are pretty much the most fun part of the island, though. It is not surprising at all and you need to visit at least the most famous sights in Puerto Rico before leaving. The following ones are not necessarily beaches. There are many other spots to explore.

Museo de Arte de Ponce Most Beautiful Destinations In Puerto Rico


What is about the museums? We know the beaches are spectacular, but the museums are awesome, too. Ponce is where you should go to for seeing a wonderful collection of art objects. Who was behind this brilliant museum? His name was Edward Durell Stone, the person who was also responsible for the construction of the museum of Modern Art that’s situated in New York. There are numerous worthy sights in the museum, including contemporary works of art by the locals. There are also amazing creations by Renaissance.

Tropical Agriculture Research Station Tropical Agriculture Research Station

Most Beautiful Destinations In Puerto Rico  -To catch a breath of fresh air, you can also visit the tropical gardens. It seems as though this site is designed for plant lovers. Yes, you can see a wide variety of species, like timbers, fruit trees, and even ornamental plants. This place attracts a lot of botanists as they want to collect information about plants that thrive in these gardens. We know that different plants require different requirements to grow.

The Historic District of Old San Juan


Are you into historic sites? Try the Historic District of Old San Juan.  You will probably have a hard time finding another place like this in the Caribbean. It is certainly one of the most famous sights in Puerto Rico. The old construction dates back to the 17th century. It is actually a district because it consists of around 400 restored buildings. It is more than just one type of buildings. There are cafes, bars, shops, and others. You may be intrigued by the history of this place. Sure, Puerto Rico is considered a fun space, but this can be a stopping point for those who have a genuine love for cultural heritage.

Castillo de San Felipe del Morro Most Beautiful Destinations In Puerto Rico


Most Beautiful Destinations In Puerto Rico  -There is a castle here known as Castillo de San Felipe del Morro. Like the previous district, this is not a new fort provided that it has been around for decades, of which first existed in 1540. It was established for a reason, to help guard the bay against a promontory. It is built upon a large area that easily matches the size of a 9-hole golf course. Those were some of the most famous sights in Puerto Rico.

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