5 Must-see Places To Visit in Italy this summer and Beyond

Beautiful Destinations in Italy to visit in 2021 – Italy was the home to the Roman Empire and so as you would expect is drenched in history. Rome the capital also houses Vatican City, the smallest country in the world with all its Papal magnificence. It is not though, just a place of architectural beauty but also has a long Mediterranean coastline and the Dolomite Mountains in the North, it is also a place that has sights of great natural beauty.

Although many of the things to see in Italy are not related to the once great Roman Empire, most of the top tourist attractions in Italy are.
Because of both its heritage and its beauty, Italy is among one of the top countries for visitors in the world. No longer is it necessary to row a galleon to reach what was the heart of the Roman Empire but neither is it necessary to pay high airfares.

Cheap flights to Italy can always be found online but don’t forget to also ask the national airlines if they have cheap seats available, sometimes the major airlines offer specials that can easily match those on the internet and are usually more comfortable.
Here are 5 of the top tourist attractions in Italy:

5:Florence Beautiful Destinations in Italy Florance italy


is a Beautiful Destinations in Italy  known as the birthplace of the renaissance and as such is popular with tourists. The Cathedral, which is a symbol of the city, is of huge Gothic design and its dome was for many years the largest in the world. The dome today, stills holds the record for being the largest brick dome in the world.

4: Pompeii Beautiful Destinations in Italy



A victim of the volcano, Mount Vesuvius, in 79 AD, Pompeii was buried in ash but this ash was able to perfectly preserve this ancient city. Today it is a popular tourist attraction, with ¼ of a million people visiting it annually, to try and experience or at least witness what life was like 2,000 years ago.

3: The Amalfi Coast Beautiful Destinations in Italy


Italy_ AmalfiCoast
Sorrento, on the Southern coast of Italy, has been a major seaport for hundreds of years and so has a rich history of its own but more recently it is being better known as the gateway to the Amalfi Coast. This rugged stretch of coastline is rich in beauty and spread all along the coast are little picturesque villages, one as diverse as the next.

4:Venice Beautiful Destinations in Italy



This city, with its 150 canals is known as the City of water and is said to have more tourists than residents much of the time. Whether you are riding a Gondola through the canals or walking through the narrow streets, Venice allows an experience that can rarely be repeated. The Grand Canal with its magnificent architecture is of special attraction. Venice is most popular as a romantic getaway for couples.

1:Rome is a beautiful Destinations in Italy


Beautiful Destinations in Italy -This is one city that most tourists would wish to see at some time in their lives. Whether it is going to hear a mass from the Pope in the Vatican City or visiting the awe-inspiring Coliseum, there is something for everyone in Rome. Just as ‘Rome was not built in a day nor is it possible to visit all that Rome has to offer, in just one day.

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