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Best Beaches in Maui

Visit Most Beautiful Beaches in Maui in 2022

Best Beaches in Maui Must Visit In 2022 – The Hawaiian island of Maui has a little bit of everything. Tourists can attend a luau, visit a botanical garden, hike to a 400-foot waterfall, or watch the sunrise from Maui’s highest point: Haleakala, the state’s most beautiful volcano. Maui has a myriad of luxury hotels and resorts, mostly along the Kaanapali coast, but inquisitive visitors can travel off the beaten path to explore local farms and villages. This beautiful island has attracted celebrity homeowners Randy Travis, Oprah Winfrey, and Woody Harrelson.

KaanapaliBest Beaches in world

Best Beaches in Maui Must Visit In 2022 – Kaanapali Beach is perhaps the most popular beach for tourists in Maui and was named America’s Best Beach in 2003. It’s constantly buzzing with activity. Vacationers can stroll along the boardwalk and do some shopping, hit the beach and sunbathe or take in a plethora of water sports. Black Rock, at the end of this beach, is an ideal place for snorkelers to experience the “real-life aquarium” of Maui. Once the sun sets, visitors don’t have to leave the laid-back beach vibe behind. A number of barefoot bars flank the boardwalk, and the Sheraton Maui’s Lagoon Bar has a nightly cliff-diving ceremony held by torchlight.

Paradise on Earth

Paradise on Earth

Best Beaches in Maui Must Visit In 2022 – While windsurfing at Kahana Beach, you would never imagine that “heaven” is just around the corner. The small town of Hana (Hawaiian for heaven) is nature’s utopia. The drive alone will take your breath away; it’s a 52-mile stretch of curving road that takes you through rainforests and around waterfalls, with the ocean at your side the whole way. The beaches in Hana are a dramatic contrast to the white stretches on the west coast.

At Kaihalulu beach, the juxtaposition of red sand against the turquoise sea is an unexpected marvel. This extremely isolated beach offers romance and privacy. The remote Waianapanapa State Park offers a rugged retreat from an otherwise busy vacation. The stunning sea caves tucked away in the volcanic coastline are like nothing you’ve ever seen.

From the Clouds To The Sea Best Beaches in Maui

Best Beaches in Maui Must Visit In 2022 – The peaks at Haleakala National Park take visitors more than 10,000 feet above sea level, where they can hike or go horseback riding up close to the sky. The early morning drive to watch the sunrise is an unforgettable experience. Hikers can meander through unique bamboo forests or visit reverberating waterfalls. Some of the waterfalls feed the Pools of Oheo, beginning two miles inland, where the water serenely trickles from one pool to the other on its way to the ocean. Sometimes called the Seven Sacred Pools, the dozens of pools and waterfalls make up one of the most spectacular places on Maui.

Visitors can either “live large” or “hang loose” on the island of Maui. Towns such as Paia (that developed from the sugarcane industry) and Lahaina, a historic whaling seaport, are filled with friendly locals and distinctive shops and restaurants. The multicolored miles of coastline attracts lovers of sand and sun, while upscale resorts and bustling beaches appeal to those who want to party the night away. Spots like Honolua Bay provide a place to live vicariously—here, visitors can watch professional surfers ride the impressive waves in the bay. On Maui, you can find whatever you’re looking for, and taking part or hanging out in a hammock with a Mai Tai is all up to you.

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