Places to Visit Near Heidelberg You Should Be Familiar With

5 Top-Rated Attractions in Heidelberg -What are the places to visit near Heidelberg? We will inform you of some of the best tourist attractions here. It is always enlivened by tourists, especially during its peak season. If you have a plan to visit Germany, you should definitely come to Heidelberg. One day should not be enough because there are a lot of great places that will fulfill your desires. It boasts a wide variety of attractions. Not only does it have a unique atmosphere, but the locals are also very friendly. You need to meet them in person and talk about anything.


One of the major draws here is the Heidelberg Castle. As the name implies, this is a castle perched on the slope of mount Königstuhl. It offers natural biodiversity. It is easy to see why people are so impressed by the castle. It has a very wonderful silhouette. It is constructed very nicely and visible from a distance. This is one of the best sights here. It is built over a broad area. While it is possible to explore the building alone, we still advise that you ask for a guide’s assistance, so that you know the important information about these ruins. Here are the complete places to visit near Heidelberg.

Heidelberg Castle Best  Attractions in Heidelberg

Heidelberg Castle Best  Attractions in Heidelberg

As said before, it has been a favorite sight among visitors. Whenever you arrive in Heidelberg, you should come here at least once. The ruins are not only large, but the design and stuff are also very impressive. The jaw-dropping construction will make you feel some kind of way especially if you’ve never entered these kinds of buildings before. The old fortress will catch your attention. Besides, there is also a dark green hill surrounding the castle. It makes the view even more fascinating.

Königstuhl Best  Attractions in Heidelberg

Heidelberg Castle

Here are some important facts about this tourist attraction. First of all, it is one of the most recommended places to visit near Heidelberg. Secondly, this remains the highest peak in the lower Odenwald Forest. With that in mind, once you get here, you will be able to see such an amazing view from up there. The Rhine Lowlands are very visible, especially when the weather is fine. Just walk down the footpaths available here and enjoy the incomparable atmosphere. If you like trekking, this will be a great stopping point. It is also family-friendly especially with the presence of the forest adventure trail. Do not worry, even kids can step on the walking route safely.

Church of the Holy Spirit, Heidelberg

Church of the Holy Spirit, Heidelberg

Top-Rated Attractions in Heidelberg -Do you want to catch a holy spirit? You must come here. This old building has gone through the toughest days because it is only one of the few constructions that have survived wars of the days gone by. Since it was built so long ago, you can feel the old charm that oozes out of the building. The construction was not finished in a short time. In fact, it took over two decades to finish the construction. It was initiated in 1398 and finally done in 1544. This has been considered a sacred place for Catholics and Protestants.

Heiligenberg Best  Attractions in Heidelberg


Top-Rated Attractions in Heidelberg -Speaking of interesting places to visit near Heidelberg, this mountain is one of them. It was called differently during the Carolingian period. It was known as the Aberinsberg. It is mainly composed of sandstone. There is Michaelsberg on the south, whose summit is even higher than this. There is also the Curbs valley in the north. If you know about the Rombach, this is where you should head to in order to find the flow of the stream.


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