Amazon Rainforest Animals to Spot in the Wild

The Amazon rainforest animals are the image of the territories they occupy: diverse, beautiful, and often dangerous. Here is a small anthology of these spirits of the forest.

The jaguar The jaguar

jaguar-red symbol of the Amazon rainforest animals, the jaguar can reach up to 2 meters long and weigh 160 kg. It is the third-largest feline in the world behind respectively the tiger and the lion.

jaguar3-review can originally find it in warm regions of the southern United States, of northern Argentina. It is an endangered species. Today we can find it mainly in tropical forests and more rarely in the pampas.

It is a dreadful hunter that attacks all kinds of animals, from the toad to the caiman and even boas. Its favorite remains the small prey like the armadillo and the capybara. Its hunting ground spreads from 25 to 80 km ². Jaguars can live up to twenty years.

The monkeys The monkeys

singe5-redi-rogue monkeys can be classified into two distinct groups: those from Africa and those from America. The former one has got close nostrils and 32 teeth while those in America have a flat nose and 34 teeth. We can say that African apes are bigger, stronger, and more intelligent than those from America.

athlete howler, marmoset and spider monkeys are American and they are all Amazon rainforest animals. The spider monkey climbs trees as if it has got 5 members since it uses its tail as well as its legs. It often swings in branches, holding itself only with the tail and one of its legs. ouistiti-pygmy there are several species of marmosets in South American forests. Their coat is soft like a bird’s feathering and their voice sounds like a tweet. The smallest of all, the pygmy marmoset from Brazil can be curled in an adult hand.

The armadillo The armadillo

tatou-gros-planArmadillos are Amazon rainforest animals but they are also from all warm regions of America. Some species can reach up to 1-meter lengths, but most of them are much smaller.

tatou-armadillo armadillo is a mammal that can be recognized by its armor consisted of small bony plates. He has the ability to curl up and thus have his body fully protected.

But its shell is not thick enough to save itself from the teeth of large carnivores.

tatou-Neuf-bandesIt is a rather nocturnal animal, that feeds itself mainly on fruits, ants, worms, and other soft foods.

The anteaters The anteaters

tamandua-gros-plan among Amazon rainforest animals with strange-looking, we count the anteaters.

Toothless mammals, with a very long tongue (30cm), sticky, allowing them to catch ants and termites, anteaters live in tropical areas in America.

tamanoir-redirect anteater can reach more than 2 meters long, the bushy tail represents half of the total length. It uses powerful curved claws of its front legs to disembowel termite mounds or dig the rotten wood that littered the jungle ground.

tamandua female gives birth to one baby at a time, which is often on the back of its mother while she forages. Anteaters feed themselves at night. There are also arboreal anteaters like tamandua (anteater) or myrmidon (didactyla cyclops), which feed themselves mainly on termites.

The puma mountain-lion

puma-Arbre This magnificent feline of America weighs between 50 and 100 kg. When it stretches its body, it can reach more than 2 m long. It can kill big prey (deer, cattle, etc.)

puma-teteIt’s an excellent climber. Its skill and flexibility are brilliant. It can easily jump to 9 meters and can jump in depth up to 18 meters, without that its legs bend under the impact! Few animals can move so silently.

puma-be best never attacks mankind and is even familiar with him.

Young cougars, which are strikingly similar to cats, are carefully trained by their mothers who keep them two years under their supervision.

The tapirmalayan-tapir-

tapir-rediTapir is a mammal that weighs about 250 kgs and measures between 90 cm and 1m20 at the neckline. It has short stubby legs and a truncated trunk, looking almost small elephant.

Adults are dark and often the middle of the body has got white stripes.

Tapir lives either in tropical areas or swampy areas. It is more or less a nocturnal animal.

The agouti guinea-pig

agouti-redi-rogneeAgouti is a rodent mammal native of South America, approximately the size of a rabbit and a guinea pig’s appearance. It has large eyes, long legs, and a short tail.

Agoutis eat leaves, berries, and dry fruits that they hold with their front legs like squirrels.


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