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Airline Luggage Restrictions

Overcoming Luggage Restrictions When Flying

Airline Luggage Restrictions When Flying – Budget airlines used to be a welcome addition to the travel industry when they first started, opening up frequent short-haul holidays to many of us on a tight budget. However, nowadays, these airlines are starting to charge us more and more in hidden charges, from eye-watering credit card fees to luggage check-in charges, without mentioning the penalties incurred if you go over the weight limit. Packing your suitcase within those restrictive limits is becoming something of art if you want to avoid any prohibitive fees at all. So better get it right from the start. Here’s how.


Size     Overcoming Luggage Restrictions

Airline Luggage Restrictions When Flying – There are two types of luggage restrictions. One is by size. Some airlines may limit the size of your hand luggage that you will take with you onboard the plane. If so, your airline should let you know the largest dimensions allowed. Your next step is to find a bag of that size or as close as possible to it but of course no bigger! Fortunately, many manufacturers are now aware of the restrictions and working together with airlines to produce luggage that will pass inspection. A cynic would think that it’s another way for them to market themselves, sell more of their products and stay in business.


If you are lucky enough not to have any size restrictions imposed on your luggage, there’s no escape from the weight restriction. As usual, every airline fixes its own weight limit for hand and haul luggage, so find out before you start packing. Now comes the big challenge. You’ve got the size sorted, you’ve got the weight limit noted, you have your suitcase and your clothes; it’s time to put the latter into the former.

Making the most of size limits

Airline Luggage Restrictions in

Airline Luggage Restrictions When Flying – Start with the biggest items that will take the most space because you won’t have many places to put them: coats, suits, dresses, towels, and so on, neatly folded. Then move on to smaller items gradually. To get around limited space, learn to pack compactly by making efficient use of all small spaces. Packing shoes? Fill them up with socks, perfume bottles, or skincare products. The more fragile the better if your shoes are tough. Gaps between clothes and equipment? Fill them up with small objects such as socks, handkerchiefs, scarves, etc. It’s always a good idea to finish off with a last layer of clothes to protect anything fragile unless you’ve managed to embed them deep in the middle.  accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture”

Beyond weight limits

You might be able to fit everything in your suitcase but you will still be limited by the weight restriction. Your first thought might be to pack less. But there are ways. First, try to wear heavy items of clothing you such as jeans and coats. Then wear as many items as you can: scarf, socks, handkerchief, etc. Another trick is to fill up any pockets you may have with small heavy items, thus reducing the weight of the suitcase. If you have no pockets, then you may be interested in Rufus Roo. They sell jackets with big strong pockets specially designed for travelers to bypass the luggage weight restrictions. Just don’t get too carried away with the extra space as you may be too heavy to climb the steps up the plane!! We’ll also see for how long the airlines will allow passengers to get away with this.

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