The amazing fact about Brazil

Interesting Facts About Brazil – Some Brazil Facts seem necessary to tackle before starting a trip to the country of Carnival!

Brazil Visa requirement

Interesting Facts About Brazil  – visa0Brazil applies the reciprocity policy for issuing visas. It is rather simple to get a visa in Brazil. Sometimes no administrative procedure is required beforehand. But be on the safe side, check-in for yourself.

Geography of Brazil

Brazil is a huge country that spans over 8.5 million km² with a population surrounding 200 million inhabitants. Here are some elements for a better understanding of the vastness of this amazing country.

Geography of South America

Most interesting Facts About Brazil geographia

Brazil is the major component of South American geography: This is by far the biggest country, densely populated, and the most influential politically and economically. But what is its relationship with other South American nations?

Brazil Economy

The economy of Brazil The economy deserves to be taken seriously into consideration. Brazil is indeed the sixth-largest economy in the world and its growth is enlarging a little more each year. Within a year, given the difficulties of European-American economies, Brazil is expected to become the fifth-largest economy in the world.

In this part, to see clearly, we have taken care to cross-check data between the United States, France, and Brazil.

Brazilian People

Brazilian people are incredibly warm! Men and women are great seducers and the cult of the body is very important. Not surprising for a tropical country rimmed by thousands of kilometers of beautiful beaches!

It is also a booming business: Brazil invests a lot in fashion and does not hide its ambition to compete with Paris or London. It has everything you need, and even a bit more!

Interesting Facts About Brazil Interesting Facts About Brazil

Brazil Police

police0Brazilian police, who captivated the whole world with the documentary “tropa de elite” is nonetheless associated with one of the least engaging of Brazil facts: the endemic violence in the country.

Through Brazilian police, manifestly corrupted and violent, we wish to warn prospective tourists about manifestations of violence in Brazil, which ironically debunks many risks.

Violence in Brazil is indeed highly localized (in the favelas “slums”) in urban areas where tourists have nothing to do there.

Brazil armies

The Brazilian Army is one of the most unrecognized institutions in Brazil. Brazil is indeed known for its peaceful diplomacy. However, the Brazilian Army is an important element for national pride and the military-industrial complex experienced a significant boom as Brazilian diplomacy is being globalized.

In a multipolar world, the development of the Brazilian Army is a fundamental element for Brazilian power and expresses its willingness to get a permanent seat at the Security Council of the UN.


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