Mekong Delta Travel : My Tho City

Capital : My Tho City
District : Go Cong Town, Cai Be, Cai Lay, Chau Thanh, Cho Gao, Go Cong Tay, Go Cong Dong
Ethnic groups: Viet (kinh) , Hoa…

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Boat tour to Thoi son island -Tieng Giang_Mekong delta_Vietnam

Festivals in Tien Giang Mekong  Vietnam

Vam Lang festival

   This festival take place in Kien Phuoc village in Go Cong Dong district on the 16th of the 6th lunar month. This is a festival for welcoming the Whale organized by people of Tien Giang. A monk begins to pray, to offer gifts, to burn objects made of paper from midnight on the 15th of the 6th lunar month.  One hour after the beginning of the celebrations, a boat in honour of Whale floats from Vam Lang Canal to Xoai Rap River. The procession is accompanied by music and songs . When returning, the boats are illuminated to pray for the soul of the Whale. The ceremony ends with the placement of the Whale in the pagoda for worshipping.

Tu Kiet Festival

   This festival takes place in Thanh Hoa village in Cai Lay district on the 15th and 16th of the 8th lunar month to commemorate four heroes who fought against the French. After the ceremony for the heroes are the cultural and artistic activities. People participate in great number to this festival.

Tourist attractions in Tien Giang Mekong delta:

Green Travel to Orchard gardens_Vietnam

Green Travel to Orchard gardens_Vietnam

Tourism informations of Thoi Son Island

   From My Tho, a 45 minutes boat ride on the Mekong river Delta takes visitors to Thoi Son Island, where they can experience the life of the Mekong River Plains community. Visitors can lodge in peasant house and pick their own fruits in orchards. Visitors can also stay in resting houses of Tien Giang Tourist Company, which can receive up to 500 guests at the same time.

Vinh Trang Pagoda_My tho_ Mekong delta_vietnam

Vinh Trang Pagoda_My tho_ Mekong delta_vietnam

Vinh Trang Pagoda the oldest pagoda in Tien Giang

   Built in 1849 in an area with many beautiful trees, this is the greatest pagoda of Tirn Giang Province. The pagoda is about 1km from the center of the city at 60A Nguyen Trung Truc Street. The architecture of the pagoda is an harmonious combination of Asian
 and European types of architecture, creating the splendid, but simple features of this Buddhist pagoda. Inside the pagoda are many precious statues made of wood , among which the collection of 18 Buddhisattvas sculpted in 1907, representing the summit in sculpture in the Mekong River Plains. The entrance gate is on the right hand side of the buiding.

Dong Tam Snake Farm

   The snake farm is a center for breeding snakes producing venom for exportation, Ressearch on snakebite treatment is also conducted there. From My Tho, visitors must travel 5km to get to the farm where they can visit the department where snakes are bred. Dong Tam also has a collection of mutant turtles and fish on exhibit. Dong Tam Snake Farm
is interesting to visit.The best way to get there is to rent a motorbike.

Cai be floating market_ Cho noi Cai be

Cai be floating market_ Cho noi Cai be

Cai Be Floating Market and Tan Phong Island

   Cai Be Floating Maket takes place where Tien Giang River forms the border between Tieng Giang, Vinh Long and Ben Tre province.
It takes about an hour to reach the market from Vinh Long town. It runs from 5 am to 5pm. Every day, approximately 400 to 500 boats
filled with fruits, vegetables and other products anchor along the banks of the river, waiting for traders and customers. But the
 most interesting thing is to see the huge Catholic cathedral here on the riverside. It make a fantastic for visitors to take  photographs. The merchandise sold in each boat is hung on a high pole in front of the boat as a sample to attract customers from
 a distance. Next to the floating market is Tan Phong Island, famous for by its chom chom gardens, where large and succulent rambutants grow.

My Tho noodle soup _Hu tieu my tho

My Tho noodle soup _Hu tieu my tho

*Hu Tieu My Tho :is a speciality in My Tho (spicy vermicelli soup with meat and seafood) It can be found at almost any eatery in town
*Shopping:My Tho Market is one of the earliest market in the Eastern Nam Bo
*Boat Tours around My Tho : Taking a boat trip on the Mekong is the undoubted hightlight of a stay in My Tho.
Of the four nearly islands, Tan Long Island, Phung Island and Thoi Son Island are all regularly visited by tourists boats.

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