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Nha Trang is Vietnam’s all-time favourite seaside resort, a breezy, Riviera-style seafront edged by a wide, palm-lined boulevard that boasts open-air cafe’ and seafood restaurants. A 6km white-sand beach running the lenght of town, offshore islands, colonial architecture, a burgeoning range of hotels and exceptionally outgoing inhabitants all contribute to make Nha Trang one of Vietnam’s most pleasurable and relaxing destinations – that is when you have managed to escape the thriving population of beach masseurs and vendors.

nha trang beach vietnam

nha trang beach

Nha Trang is a good place to idle. The beaches are clean and generally empty, although the beach town is becoming a popular weekend getaway for the wealthy of Ho Chi Minh City. In recent years, there has been a considerable amount of construction of new hotels along Tran Phu street, which runs parallel to the shoreline. But the beach itself has been left reasonably undisturbed, and most of the hotels are small family operations, although eventually, large hotels will change the small-town feel of Nha Trang’s beach. A small amusement park, with a ferris wheel and a fun house, fronts the beach.

Festivals in Nha trang

Whale Festival

These festivities are tied to a legend in which a whale saved Gia Long King while he was at sea. Every year, Khanh Hoa celebrates to show the people’s respect for the whale. The rituals are held in communal houses. During the ceremony, there is ba trao singing and chau performances.

Am Chua Festival

vietnam_whale festival

whale festival

Am Chua Festival takes place at Chua Mountain in Dai Dien Village. It is organized on the 22nd of the 4th lunar month to commemorate the genie of Lady Thien Yana, who is worshipped as ” Her Grace”, ” the Mother of region”.

Thap Ba Festival

This festival takes place from the 20th to the 23rd of the 3rd lunar month. The biggest festivities in this region are oranized to commemorate female genie Po Nagar. The festival divided in two parts: the Thay Y ( clothes changing ceremony ) on the 20th, and the Cau Cung ceremony on the 23rd. The solemn ceremonies are followed by diverse entertainment including folk dancing, flower offering dance, and traditional opera.

Nha Trang Attractive Destinations

Mieu Island in Nha Trang

Mieu Island ( also called Tri Nguyen Island) is touted in tourist literature as the site of an ” outdoor aquarium” ( Ho Ca Tri Nguyen). In fact, the “aquarium” is an important fish-breeding farm where over 40 species of fish, crustaceans and other marine creatures are raised in three separate compartments. There is a cafe built on stilts over the water. Ask around for canoe rentals. The main village on Mieu Island is Tri Nguyen. Bai Soai is a gravel beach on the far side of Mieu Island from Cau Da.
Most people will take some sort of boat tour booked through a hotel, cafe or Khanh Hoa Tourist. Impoverished and less hurried travellers might catch one of the regular ferries that go to Tri Nguyen village from Cau Da Dock, which is a few hundred metres south of the Oceanographic Institute.

Thap Ba or Po Nagar

Po Nagar tower in nha trang

Po Nagar tower

Open daily 8-8, where four of the original eight Cham towers remain. They were built between the 7th and 12th centuries, survived sporadic attacks by marauding Maylays, Khmers and Chinese, and still hold spiritual significance for Buddhists who come here to burn incense at the altars.
Brick columns that once enclosed a meditation hall stand at the base of the hillock, from here, a staricase climbs to Thap Chinh, the 23m main tower which shelters a much-venerated statue of a ten-armed Bhagavatti, wife of Siva. Above the entrance is a restored statue of Siva, while Sanskrit inscriptions face the walls of the antechamber and the door-frame. Grouped around it are three smaller towers, less ornate and less well-preserved, althrough an impressive linga is housed in the south tower.
A bicycle detour along the next turn-oof west from the highway takes you down to the river, where you will find boat-builders constructing the impressive fishing boats that cluster in the estuary and subsequently cover distances as far as Ha Long Bay.

Hon Chong ( Chong Islet)

Hon Chong is a small crescentshaped bay located near Nha Trang. It is a small marble peninsula with massive rocks laying on top one another. Hon Chong is divided into two parts. The first cluster is situated offshore and the other is situated in sand dunes near Cu Lao fishing hamlet. The offshore cluster includes layers of rocks serving as natural wave breakers. The second part, Hon Chong Promontory, located in sand dunes, looks like the work of giant putting together several massive rocks. Hon Chong Is 3.5 km from central Nha Trang

Doctor Alexandre Yersin’s Grave

Doctor Alexandre Yersin's Grave

Mr. Yersin

Alexandre Yersin ( 1863 – 1943) was born in Switzerland from a Swiss father and a French mother. He studied in Switzerland and later went to France where he obtained a degree in medicine. Mr. Yersin travelled to Nha Trang for the first time in 1891. By the end of 1899, he returned to Nha Trang and established the Pasteur Institute. He devoted 50 years of his life to his microbiology, virology, and epidemic, research, trying to develop vaccines against bubonic plague. He lived modestly and gained the trust of Con hamlet villagers. He went on many expeditios into the mountains and recorded his observations. He was the one who came upon what is now Dalat and recommended to the goverment to establish a hill station.
Yersin died in Nha Trang on March 1, 1943. According to the instructions in his will, his body was buried with his face touching the ground and facing the sea so that forever he could embrace his second native land. His grave is located on top of a hill at Suoi Dau area in Dien Khanh district.

Fairy Spring

The enchanting little Fairy Spring ( Suoi Tien ) seems to pop out of nowhere as you approach it. Like a small oasis, the spring is decorated with its own natural garden of tropical vegetation and smooth boulders. You’ll need to rent a motorbike or car to reach the spring. Driving south on National Highway 1, you come to a spot 17km from Nha Trang where there is an archway to your left ( east side of the highway). Turn off the highway here and go through the village. The road twists and winds it’s way through the hills until it reaches a valley. Just as the road starts to get bad, you come upon the spring. You will probaly see some other vehicles parked here as it’s a popular spot with the locals.

Bamboo Island ( Hon Tre)

Several kilometres from the southern part of Nha Trang beach is Bamboo island, the largest island by far in the Nha Trang area. Tru Beach ( Bai Tru ) is at the northern end of the island. Ebony Island ( Hon Mun ), just south of Bamboo island, is known for its snorkelling .To get to either island, you’ll probaly have to hire a boat.

Doc Let beach

For a real escape head 40 km north of Nha Trang, just beyond Ninh Hoa, to Doc Let, a stunningly beautiful swathe of white sand edged by feathery casuarinas and palms. A restaurant with changing-rooms and beach kiosks attracts locals at weekends, but otherwise it is idyllically unspoilt with a horizon interrupted only by basket boats. A large fishing village lies at the southern end, and there are some basic beach-huts for overnighting at the main beach entrance. It is possible to get to the beach by a slow, decrepit bus from Nha Trang, but as it is more difficult to leave, a car or motor bike is recommended.

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